About Dragon Ball

What is Dragon Ball?
Dragon Ball is the name of the manga created by Akira Toriyama, which contains more than 500 chapters and finds it’s end when Goku and Uub go away for training. For the animated series, TOEI Animation divided the story into 2 parts; One called Dragon Ball and the other Dragon Ball Z.

What is Dragon Ball GT?
It has to be clear that Dragon Ball GT isn’t created by Akira Toriyama but by TOEI Animation, that acquired the rights to create their own saga. Even if it’s true that Akira Toriyama contributed with some designs, including the pathetic Vegeta we see at the beginning of the saga, the plot was completely in the hands of TOEI Animation. It may be because of that, that many of us notice the the incoherences along the story, which decorate the absence of the dynamism the previous sagas had.

About Dragon Ball EX

Dragon Ball EX is a fan-manga created by Sebliet, drawn initially by himself and from page 104 onwards by Rogeru. The manga is based on the animated sagas Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. The specials “Bardock - The father of Goku” and “The history of Trunks” will also be considered. Any of the films will be taken into account (we already have enough incoherences with Dragon Ball GT).

We have to clarify also, that the consideration of Dragon Ball GT will only be for punctual things, like the transformations, the power levels reached, and the most important happenings. It isn’t our intention to “fix” Dragon Ball GT but, for some aspects of Dragon Ball EX’s plot, we are forced to give a sense and an explication to some of the mistakes and incoherences seen in that series.

Theories of Dragon Ball EX

Saiyan transformations
  • Saiyan
Planet Vegeta was inhabited by the most mighty beings in the universe (excluding Freeza’s family and some half-breed races) called the saiyans. The transformations in this state usually have the problem of short duration, specially when one is not used to it, but it permits to violently and briefly expel more power than the transformation has as base.

A pure blood saiyan in their normal state is black-eyed and dark-haired. Their physical appearance is very similar to the human race, except because they have a monkey tail. Their main characteristic is their fiery wish for fighting. in the case of the half-breed (offspring of saiyans with another race) the eyes and the hair can change in color. The two only pure saiyans who were still alive at the end of the series were Goku and Vegeta.
Super Saiyan
A saiyan owning a good amount of might can reach this state. It’s necessary to have a pure heart and get to a point of extreme anger. From here on there are two paths to become more mighty: to train only the physical power, or to train both the body and the mind.
Full Power: to achieve this state both the body and the mind must be trained. The saiyan has to remain frequently a time as SS to learn to control it and so not have to force to expel more power.
Super Saiyan Dai Ni Dankai
This is the way to overcome the Super Saiyan training only the body. With this level the fighter has a lot more fighting strength than a SS. It has to be pointed that this level is reached after an extremely intense training, based only in the strength and the muscular training. This is a mistake, as the fighter loses reflexes, agility and speed. The arrogance of the saiyans increase significantly.
Super Saiyan Dai San Dankai
It’s the energy increase to the limits reachable by the body. Both speed and agility are minimals. The fighter tries desperately to achieve the maximum power, the body gets rapidly exhausted and is hardly able to endure that pressure, what causes instability and a lack of control over yourself. Goku realized that disadvantages and drove his training to another path. Vegeta also knew it and he never used this state.
Super Saiyan 2
This level is reached when surpassing the full power SS state, obtaining a strength and a velocity infinitely superior by focusing an incredibly high energy amount. The arrogance of the saiyans increase quite a lot. This level was reached by Gohan, Goku and Vegeta.
Super Saiyan 3
This is probably the most difficult and risky state to achieve, and needs a lot of dedication to do it. This level is much more mighty and fast than the SS2, but it’s advisable to not remain in it for many time because the fighter will start to lose strength and risk the own life. The previous musculature is kept, the hair grows considerably, the forehead slightly enlarges and the eyebrows disappear, leaving a more serious face.

  • Ozaru
When a pure or half-blooded saiyan looks at the full moon gets transformed into a giant ape, supposing they still have a tail. The power levels reached are very stable, so they don’t usually have any problem with the energy wastage, but can’t expel more power than the set by the level reached.

In this state the super saiyan multiplies his strength and is able to throw destroyer beams out of his mouth. In the series, only Goku, Gohan and Vegeta transform into this. The two first of them couldn’t control themselves in this form, as practice and training are required to do it. In the film “Freeza’s battle against Goku’s father”, Bardock and his group can be seen as ozarus destroying a planet.
Golden Ozaru
This transformations is reached in a similar way to the previous one, but in this case the saiwan must receive a higher amount of blut waves. Only Goku, Vegeta-Baby and later Vegeta got to this form. Goku did it thanks to the Elder Supreme Kai, who restored his tail, and Vegeta-Baby did it without a tail, thanks to Bulma’s machine, which reflected and increased the amount of blut waves, and the same way used Vegeta later.
Super Saru
When the saiyan in golden ozaru state gains conscience over himself, undergoes a transformation returning to the normal state’s hight and the body is covered with red or pinky hair. This level is pretty stable compared to the SS3, as the energy consumption isn’t too extreme. The saiyan who got to this transformation doesn’t need to pass through the ozaru or golden ozaru states ever again to reach this level. It’s usually and mistakenly called super saiyan 4, but it’s origin path is different from the super saiyan’s.
Ultimate Super Saru
Is the exploitation of the power of the super saru taken to the limits. The mightiness level reached, as in the other ozaru tiers, is pretty stable, fact that is sometimes a problem as it doesn’t permit the sudden and violent explosion of energy that the saiyans have in their normal state. I this manga, Dragon Ball EX, it’s the transformation that Vegeta and later Evil Goku get.

In the following scheme you can see a comparative table of the two saiyan transformation lines.